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Water Purification System

Aqua Fresh continually innovates and offers the best drinking water solutions to protect you and your family from harmful water causes diseases. Our Water purifiers are designed in such a way that they can deal with the municipality water across the UAE regions and make it clean, safe, and pure for drinking

Clean Water For Your Family

Clean water is essential to the health of your family. Contact us to take 1 easy step to maintaining good health for the most important people in your home.

Our Services

  • Proven technology to improve water quality.

  • Water treatment professionals.

  • Products specifically designed for residencial and commercial.

  • A full line of water softeners and filters.

  • Improve your water quality for bathing, laundry, and appliances.
  • We provide installation.

  • Refiners to remove unwanted chlorine taste and odor from water.

  • The most comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty in the business.

Why You Should Choose Us

The quality of your home’s water has always been important. And recent media coverage of contaminants and hard water issues has only increased the concern.
But with a crowded water softening market and wide-ranging filtration options, it can be difficult to make the right decision for your family.

Our Expertise

System Designing

We understand your water needs for homes and offices

Process Application

Our team of experts are well experienced with all types of water treatment and power solutions which creates an edge.


We can diagnose your domestic adnd commercial needs and requirements for all sorts of water treatment and power solutions.

Service at Doorstep

With wide network, we can reach your destination at any place. Your problem is our problem.

Our Mission

Aqua Fresh makes Water Treatment invisible, elevating your business to focus on the goods and services that power your business. Aqua Fresh uses only the latest technology and highest quality products to keep your home protected from low quality water or hard water build up. We strive to take water treatment into the modern era.

Long history in water quality

State of the art water filtration systems

Impeccable honest, reliable, and friendly customer service

Best technicians in the industry

Our Products

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